I didn't like the percussions (or lack thereof) and the transition of the first chorus to the second verse. You took away everything you built with the first chorus and replaced it with an iffy sounding harmonica. The lyrics also aren't really memorable or heartfelt, which is kind of a big negative when it comes to folk tracks.

Aside from that, fantastic piece. Great job. Godly solo.
Problem with the percussions is that I dont have any in my home. Would be great if I could get some tips of something I could use as percussion. Do you have an opinion of the singing?

Thanks by the way
I absolutely dig the sound both on the solo and during the chorus. Very nice sonic work there. The tremolo was a nice touch.

The singing was technically excellent, but the lyrical content was a little bland for me. Beautiful, but kind of bland. Relatable, but there's never a moment where you ask yourself what the story behind that lyric was. They don't invite you to create the story for yourself. With your natural talent, if you can figure out how to draw people in like that, you're going to be a very dangerous musician. In the good way.

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Nice song. Nice mood. Love the chorus. I'd stay a little more aware of the timing of the vocal in the verse section. The shaker is a bit strident and my only criticism of the mix.
I liked it over all. The guitar and voice are really nice. the part i didn't like was the chorus. think there was too much going on or just the volume of each track weren't set to the right levels. a little bit of a clean up and id says its sell-able