Before anyone says that this has been answered before, I would just like to say that although there are quite a few questions on forums asking about beginners slide solos, as far as I can see there is no good answer specific to standard tuning.

I don't want an arsenal of guitars with some tuned to open E, open G, open D etc. I am interested in learning silde, and would like to start somewhere. I rather like Hound Dog Taylor (who apparently played in standard), but there is not an abundance of tablature out there. I have heard that Duane Allman played slide in standard, but I heard a couple of bits of his and that did not strike me as being of beginner level.

Is there such a thing as a beginners slide solo in Standard Tuning? I know that much of the rationale for open tunings is to make stuff easier to play.

Thanks in advance.
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Slide in standard tuning is awesome. Check out Earl Hooker if you dig that style. Here's a few examples

Earl Hooker - The Leading Brand

Earl Hooker - Blues In D Natural

Earl Hooker - Blue Guitar

Earl Hooker - Calling All Blues

Like most things, the more you invest in learning the style, the more you'll start to realise that none of it is really 'easy' per se. There's so much nuance and style to Earl Hookers playing that you can absorb.

here's some tips on the technique

i cant post links so just youtube search "slide in standard tuning darren watson"
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Truly many thanks for taking the time to respond. Read about Earl Warren and it is interesting he avoided playing anything other than single notes when using a slide. Do you know if any tab has been produced? I saw there are video lessons, but did not find actual tab, which would be easier than Youtube. Don't mind paying for books if that is what is required, but a quick Amazon search did not yield anything.

The Leading Brand is a really cool tune, so thanks for that.
Earl warren? You Mean Earl Hooker? You'd be hard pressed to find any books or tab on it to be honest. Your best bet would be to hit up someone for lessons. I could possibly teach you what I know over skype for a reasonable fee. I've spent some time learning this style and could help give you some direction in terms of scale use, tone, key licks, technique etc. Send me a pm if you're interested

Not trying to pimp out lessons or anything, but I feel the time i've put into learning the style is worth something at least.