Hey all, I just purchased some new gear and need to move some less played items. So here it goes!

Pictures of both items here

Jackson RR5 neck through
Ivory White with Black pinstripes
Totally stock with Seymour Duncans from the factory
Gold Hardware, String Through with TOM
A Few dings, nothing major, tried to capture them in photos.
Includes Jackson SKB flight case.
Looking for $750 OBO, don't be afraid to offer tades or make a deal
One of my favorites, but i just dont play it enough to justify it.

Ibanez RGT32FM neck through
Transparent Red over flame maple veneer.
EMG 81/85 wired to single volume and 3-way
no tone pot/hole where tone pot was
small chip on body, pinky nail sized
no trem arm
includes no-name hard case
Really awesome playing guitar, hate to sell it, but oh well
Looking for $450 OBO, again, trades or offers will all be considered.

Hit me up with any questions or offers. post in the thread please, my PM's dont always get to me.


Can you send me better pics of the Ibanez? Specifically the back of the headstock.
Good deals with:
U.G.- dcruin
Rig talk- mboogman
ss.org- kylendm, the fuhrer
jemsite- deekien, arispouncey, evolutionswitch
Ill snag some pictures after work today, what exactly would you like, Back of headstock, anything else?
just noticed a typo, The Ibanez is an RGT42FM, not an RGT32FM, sorry for any confusion
if the ibanez wasnt a double locking trem id be all over it.

good luck!
Jackson Dinky DKMGT
PRS SE Paul Allender
Peavey 6505+ 112
Thanks for looking guys. I would accept trades for a low wattage tube amp, like a blackheart or something similar. Or a multiscale agile 6 string.
RR is sold, RG is on ebay, anyone interested in the RG for $350? $100 les than the ebay listing!