Picked up a used Yamaha RBX375 and Digitech BP355 used today - $160 on the axe and $120 on the pedals (complete with box, book, cd and even warranty card).

Wow, what a difference from my ibanez GSR200. The neck feels much thicker yet seems to play better. WAY WAY WAY better tone - like night and day.

The pedal is fun - I'll have to read the book to understand what all it's capable of but it can do some really cool things, some of which might actually be useful

Undecided on the ibanez now...I have flatwounds for it (just came in) and I was thinking of making it a piccolo base...perhaps just a C string for the Yamaha and sell the ibanez. I have about $80 in it I think.

Suggestions on what to do with the ibanez?
Congrats on your new bass. Those are a good
deal new. You got a steal. Nice basses for the

Those pedals are great at shaping your sound.
It can be a little overwhelming at first, but if
you keep messing with it, you'll get it. Then
decide if it is useful and for what.

You got enough exploring to do that ought to
keep you busy a while. Enjoy,

Amazing deal. I have the exact same setup and it cost me $500 on the bass (new) and $260 on the pedal (new as well) here in Aus. If you want I can post some of my preferred settings, I've had mine for a year now so I've got a handle on most of the effects and settings.

The necks are definitely thicker than the Ibanez ones, but I've always found that it feels a bit nicer not to worry about snapping the neck by fretting too hard

I'd keep the Ibanez for the same reason I kept my RBX270, as versatile and great as the 375 is it's got two humbuckers and you won't be able to get the same tones as a precision special (P/J) like your GSR200.
I'd keep the Ibby. Use it as a back up and as said by Chatterbox the Ibanez has tones you can't get from the Yamaha.
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Yeah, some ideas on the pedal would be good.
I"m new to making music but have been listening to it for a long time. My son is doing well on 6 string and asks me questions (as all kids do of thier parents) so this pedal was a way for me to have fun and to learn what all the effect are/sound like so that I can help him grow and learn.

If you want to post some info (or pm me) that would be great. I read the book last night so I have a VERY rough idea on things.
I"ve heard/read about most of the effects but will have to play with them to actually understand what each is - octaver, chorus, fuzz, phaser, flanger, wah, and a few more is where I want to start - the effects pedals.

The amp modeling, specific pedals...no clue where to start here. My son wants to copy/emulate greenday so he has a specific goal. Me? i'm just wandering for hte most part.

Sounds I'd like to emulate is upright bass as I've heard in jazz growing up, a 'country twang' sorta thing (like on primus' wynona's big brown beaver).

And I have decide if I want to stay with a low b as the fifth string or go to to a high c.
It's like 11:30 at night here so I'll post some settings off mine in the morning. For your son try the "SCREAM" distortion, and "TOPBST" amp with the "MA4X12" cab model. To explain, that's an Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer, into a Vox AC30 head, with a Vintage Marshall 1969 4x12" cab.

I used to have a setting for upright bass sounds, but I deleted it. A great deal of that sound though is from technique. I used to palm mute and pluck with my thumb and it worked alright.
Also remember if you change to a High C string that'll involve a new nut and a complete re-set up too.