I don't have a teacher. I have been working on some vocal warm up and breath control exercises which has helped a great deal. I was reasonably satisfied with my voice but had never actually studied a song and learned it note for note. I tended to play my guitar and sing along.

I decided the other day that I would get some sheet music and learn a song note by note. I decided to choose something pretty easy to start with and settled on Bill Wither's "Aint No Sunshine".

I started with the guitar and played the vocal melody note for note. I would then voice match each note and work through it with different vowel sounds.

After doing this a few times I pulled out my DAW and recorded myself. I was quite dissatisfied with the restult and ran it through Celomony Melodyne Editor. The reason I did this was NOT to pitch correct but to ANALYSE. I could see where my notes were off what notes I was hitting and which I were missing.

I noticed that I was hitting certain notes bang on but other notes I was off by as much as a full half step and was pulling the first note a whole step too low.

This analysis was very helpful in helping me identify my own errors and correct.

Except no matter what I was doing I continually hit that opening note a whole step low. In the end I realized that what I needed to do was transpose the melody down a whole step. This solved a lot of my problems but I still missed the odd note here and there.

I really want to work on my pitch control and accuracy.

Apart from what I am doing already, is there anything specific that I can do that will help with this?