Hi everyone, thanks for reading this. I currently play the violin (which is quite demanding, so to speak) and since I love music and have a guitar at home I want to start playing. But I can't afford lessons for both. Is there a way I can learn guitar online? Any specific lessons, tips, books, videos etc? I've heard reading "tabs" should be easy. But isn't that sort of cheating? And where do I even start? If anyone has some ideas, I'll be very grateful!!

Also, I've heard a lot about the dififculty (or lack thereof) of the guitar. How hard is it really considering I'll be without a teacher, and when I will i be able to play my first pieces?

Tabs are not cheating. Tablature was designed specifically with guitar and other fretted instruments in mind--it is no different from sheet music in its application. It doesn't require you learning note names, thereby reducing music theory knowledge necessary. Some will view that as a con, others as a pro. But don't at all feel ashamed if you look up tabs. Do try to learn things by ear, though--that beats out tabs and sheet music, in my humble opinion.

As for the difficulty of guitar, it's often said that it is easy to learn but difficult to master. Much like most other instruments. Most any person can learn chord structures, scales, timing, etc., but only dedicated people can learn how to utilize them to their full extent, and transcend the "guitar is just an instrument" boundary.
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