am just curious out of these three pick ups



D activator

Would compliment an At-T (Andytimmons) Bridge pickup? am just curious any advice
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The Breed would probably be the best. The other two could easily be over the top in a bad way (the Evo much moreso than the DA).
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The Breed would suit the Andy Timmons but it won't be a close match to it though.
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The Breed by far. Honestly, you'd probably be better off going with something like the Air Classic or Air Norton. The AT Bridge pickup is very similar to the Tone Zone, and most of the people at Dimarzio will say to pair that with a Norton or Air Classic.

The Evo is good when paired with another Evo in the bridge or a higher output pickup, but the Evolution has a very aggressive (and unforgiving) with midrange and treble. The DActivator neck is similar to that as well, but not as bad. It would almost overpower the AT in the bridge output wise.
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