Hey, I just joined these forums - I love this site! Having played guitar myself for about 7-8 years now, I find myself constantly wanting to learn more and this site seems like a good place to be, i've made some good decisions from reading stuff on here.

A bit about myself:

I'm from the UK and I love metal.. nothing beats angry, melodic, thrashy, groovy riffs and an awesome guitar tone. I could also name some of my inspirations as a guitar player but to be honest I know i'll end up writing a list that i'll never finish..

But instead here's a list of my personal setup:
Guitar: ESP LTD H-351nt (EMG 81/85's)
Pedals: Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor, Maxon OD808, Dunlop Crybaby
Amps: Bugera 333XL 212 (120W), Line 6 Spider III (15W)