Hi guys,

I have just released my first demo.
You can listen to the song on YouTube, where you can also find a direct download link in the description.

I'm still looking for a drummer to record with, but let me know what you think!


All feedback and criticism welcome!
C4C as usual.

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Happy to be the first response to this. The intro is awesome. The acoustic sounds fantastic! I really liked the way every instrument came in adding to the power of the song. The only thing was the drums bothered me cause everything else was so good and the drums were definitely midi. But like you said you're looking for someone. As far as the song goes: I like to break it up into 3 parts

Structure- Overall it was good. Not many surprises but that's okay for the style. You wanted pop punk and that's what you got. If you made an EP or something (Which you should!) you may wanna try and change it up to surprise the listeners. 8/10

Lyris/melody- I feel like the lyrics are one of the weakest areas of the song. Not saying they're terrible or anything it just sounded (to me) like some lines were a little forced. The melody was catchy. Just how I though it would sound after listening to the intro. 7/10

cohesiveness- It all sounded like everything belonged to the song. It was tight and no obvious mistakes. In fact I didn't hear any! Very, very well done. 9/10

So that wraps it up. I hope this helps. I dug the song man and I hope you make more!

Regards, Kevin

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Thanks a lot mate, really appreciate a good constructive crit like that. I've actually already got an instrumental song that will feature on the EP that sounds completely different, and blends a lot of nice riffs and melodies together.

Again, thanks for the crit (and support!), and I'll jump onto yours straight away.