I was trying out a used Jackson at a music store today which had a pickup on it that was unfamiliar to me. When I asked the sales me about it he said it was a special type of magnetic pickup that guitarists like Dimebag Darrell use to get that great sound on their dives. It had a separate on/off switch and the guitar also had a standard selector switch. Can anyone identify this type of pickup?
Could literally be anything. All pickups are magnets, and any pickup is capable of having it's own on/off switch. The sales guy is really trying to get you to buy it.
Seymour Duncan, or bill lawerance??? lavatain is right... and most decent pick-ups.. have a name written on the front.. like Seymour Duncan. xfinity, emg,..etc...
"magnetic pickup"

Well that narrows it down.
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Did it give the guitar infinite sustain? could have been a Fernandez Sustainer or similar product
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Dimebag used Bill Lawrence pup reversed. Nothing special about it, its just another super hot pickup. Sounds like marketing speech.

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Quote by tas38
"magnetic pickup"

Well that narrows it down.

Did it look different? That can narrow it down, for instance if it uses big bar magnets, only a few pups have that design. If it uses hex pole pieces, we could narrow it down to probably being a DiMarzio... probably. Regular screw pole pieces... could be anything. There's really not much we can do.
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Too much bullshit and not enough data.
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Special also means that the salesboy was talking shit out of his mouth with shit for brains.

You should tell the salesboy that a "magnetic pickup" description is about as useful as having teeth in his arse.

Anytime someone tries to sell a product by using Dimebag's name is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Dimebag may have been a good guitarist, but his tone was pretty terrible.

Next time, ask to take a picture, it would be more useful than a description.
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