I've written two tabs for the Sound City Album recently.

One titled "If I were me" and a bass tab for "Mantra."

I took a fair amount of time to write them, and the first votes on both tabs were two star.

For Mantra, not sure why. It's an accurate tab. I suppose they might disagree, but there's no way it's as low as 2 stars. It's since gone up to 4 stars, but still a bit annoying.

For "If I were me," the rater was someone who also wrote a version of the tab, so clearly just voted me low because he's salty. Can his rating be removed? Banned from rating etc?

It's a waste of my time if I have a 2 star tab that no one looks at due to stupid low ratings, it's like I might as well not bother. I only wrote the tabs after I noticed I got ad free UG for my previous contributions, and thought I'd try and contribute more to help the site.

Tabs in question:

Douche who gave me a low rating out of spite:
Why would you downrate because of competition? If we're all going to shit on each others' work, we might as well stop using this website and figure out songs for ourselves. Anyway, sounds like a real dick, hopefully people take your work for what it is and the ratings will level themselves out.
you can try blocking him via account settings on your profile,it states that it prevents the person from voting in the future,but i dont think it really works,plus they usually just make another account and start doing it again, I actually have had the same problem recently and started a thread in theUG contribution forum,


they've been erasing 1 star ratings for me that were done on purpose,you should post the links to your tabs in there and ask
Nice opinion.Too bad it ain't the same as mine.
I think UG needs to handle contributions/tabs better to be honest. I stopped tabbing because I was tired of having people spitefully rate tabs low. The vast majority of my tabs never get rated at all, I rarely get thanked for putting time in to help people learn songs, so low ratings mean that it's a waste of time most of the time. When we spend hours tabbing songs out, a fair rating is not much to ask for.

Take this as proof
This is my tab, rated a 3 by 2 people, with a correction that's wrong

Now look at this tab
Rated 5 stars. with no detail and completely wrong. Rated by 2 people also.

My tab took hours and includes the solos, and sounds pretty much perfect to me, why is it fair that I get a 3 star rating? And of course when people look up the band they are going to go straight for the 5 star rated tab.

It may seem biased but spiteful ratings really do make it seem like we're wasting our time, and our contributions should be valued, don't know if it's worth the effort at the moment sadly.
At least Emad is always on hand to help people out, which i'm grateful for.
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