Cool tune, has a psychadelic vibe a la The Doors almost lol. Maybe adding some slow solo, or melody will help bring the tune together a bit more. I dig the genre so maybe a collaboration in the future. Im gonna post a song to tell me what you think, not the same genre but still worth a listen, not quite finished though.
i love the meandering nature to the beggining of your song, with that drowsy guitar and bass..wonderful. the transition to the 7/8 section was sudden but i dont dislike that, it was just unexpected on first listen. you lose me a bit with the distorted metal guitar break, its a personal thing though, I grew out of this kind of music a while ago so its hard for me to groove with it now, especially when the beggining was so solid and vibe-y. i liked the ending a lot though, that pulled it all together, and it seemed to transition much smoother then the last one, even without drums. this is just how i feel about it, i understand perspective is always going to be different.

i will take your advice into consideration and work with it in a future version, thank you
Thanks for the review, ya still working on some transitions for this songs once i'm done everything should link up nicely. The metal riff after the 7/8 riff will probably be changed or discarded but i just used it as a transition towards the ending. Ya these threads yo kinda slow but im gonna stick around since im finally getting the hang of GP.