Popular genre nowadays, so i thought i would take a jab at it since i do dig it. I messed a bit with the tempos but most of the stuff in the tabs it pretty close to the way i play them, but overall pretty simple too. Just looking for input to see what parts are inconsistent or need work. Anyway ill will also give my opinions and suggestions to anyone that post their tunes(Metalcore or not) as well. Quid pro Quo
Distant Descent.gp5
dasien i really liked. it felt like the lead up to the final chorus might have repeated one too many times, but otherwise an impressive song.

distant descent was a bit more complicated, because it threw some real twist and turns.
what i liked about it was the way you managed to stitch very complicated and different ideas into a coherent song (even if my ear didn't like how some parts sounded). 71-72 was the first thing i didn't like, although 79-80-84 i thought was very well done. from 102 onwards i really felt like your riffs suddenly stopped arguing with each other and decided to move in the same direction, although i didn't like how you ended that particular section (with the arpegiated chord in bar 166).
its a good song, the chorus section i found a bit weird, and i would have to say that the few tempo changes i pointed out were a bit clumsy and could probably use a bit of work, but that's just my opinion.

great songs though, thanks for posting them.
Thanks for listening, i'm still getting good at GP but screw up on the tempos and time sigs sometimes. Ya i use fillers to make the songs more complete or longer, but i guess in this case less is more(for Dasein).On DD i kinda was all over the place when i was first making it so i know what you mean .