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So, I need impressive 'looking' acoustic songs, the type of songs which would make the crowd go wild?

BTW, I'm kinda new to acoustics, but I can play Drifting by Andy Mckee pretty well. so, suggest some songs of similar difficulty level
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anything you play can be "impressive looking" depending on what scale you play it in. myself, i prefer to sound more impressive( still working on that one).
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Are we including singing in this?

Honestly, a good performance > technical difficulty of a piece to a person who isn't familiar with the instrument. You can play the most complicated lick, but if it's a 2/3 guitar song, it'll sound weak on its own. Learning how to play songs that are great standalone or learning to give your audience a holistic experience is much more valuable to a performer than hard looking songs. Especially when really hard pieces are often overlooked by people that don't know what to look for.
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Try and look up some artists perhaps.
Kaki King, Newton Faulkner, Thomas Leeb, Eric Roche. Just a few.