How do you write stuff? My band tends to jam a lot and try get vocals on last but vocals are our weakest/least important part. Hoping to improve on that though so wondering what others do. Alternatively does anyone try and do both together at the same time?
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when i write songs for me i often write the music first then lyrics

in the band often i write the song and our singer and other guitarist work on the lyrics
or we jam and th esinger writes th elyrics as were playing

i think we have decent lyrics but our music is the strongest part of our band i think
Whichever comes first....

Usually though I hit upon a new riff while I'm jamming, so I take a quick video of it on my phone so I can remember it later. Then it evolves into a backing track for me to play along to, before I eventually get some inspiration for the lyrics. Probably happens that way for about 80% of what I write.
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It can be either way. Maybe get a copy of Paul Zollo's 'Songwriters on Songwriting'. It's a compilation of interviews with many of the world's great songwriters, about their approaches to songwriting.
What I'm going to do/have done with my latest bit of lyrics (just posted a C4C ) is to have my lyrics, then come up with some music to match the vibe of the lyrics, and then fit the lrics to the music. However, it could be a bit bland in its structure. Riff A for the verse, riff B for the chorus, riff C for the bridge, etc.
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