I have an RGT guitar exam this saturday and i have only been practicing new songs so i havent practiced rythm playing. I am ok with the lead playing/soloing but i would like some tips on the rythm playing.
It is rgt grade 4.
Thanks for any help!!!!!
Do you practice using a metronome or a backing track? I know it's a bit late now, but using those can improve your sense of rhythm.

Your choice of plec can make a difference as well. Using one that's too thick can cause it to fling out of your grip. Grade 4's pretty high so I hope this is all common sense at this stage.
Cheers mate i just didnt do really any practise an and lost the book so just wondering if there d was anything i missed anything and just for general tips !!
I'm not going to win a Nobel price for this, but the most important part of rhythm is to keep the tempo your suppose to
Cheers had my exam rhythm playing went well but my soloing wasnt as good as expected !!