First off I don't want to buy anything used and my budget can go as high as $1500.
Now I've been trying out different amps from long and mcquade and am having difficulty finding the amp for me whether it be a head or combo doesn't really matter.

Right now I've been playing around with a Orange TH30 and it's quite good but it's not exactly getting me the sound I'm after. What I would really want is something with almost half the gain of the TH30 on the drive channel and a clean more suitable for R&B, Jazz, Funk, alternative types of music. The kind of music I'm into would have to be bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Golden Earring, ZZ Top, pretty much anything from the 70's.

Any help to aid me in my decision would be appreciated, I still have another 3 weeks to return the Orange TH30 so I'm not stuck with it just yet.
A Fender Vibrolux would do well for the clean type stuff you want to do, but I'd check out a Marshall for the gainier type music. Maybe try out a Vox AC30(or AC15 if you don't want it that loud) to get the best of both worlds(I love the cleans, and you can push it pretty hard to get a nice distortion but it's not really high gain if that makes sense).

Alternatively, try a Line 6 DT50. It's a Bogner designed tube amp that has amp voicings for Fender, Vox, and Marshall(as well as Mesa but you said you don't want that much gain so it isn't that important for this purpose). I own one and personally love it. Just my opinion though.
I think you'll have to decide what you want the amp to be able to do really well. Out of those three amps, if you want a 'jazz' sound, Fender is the only one that'll get it. But you'll need a few pedals for anything gain related. For funk and RnB Twin Reverbs are used a lot.

Any reason you don't want used? In the case of a fender amp most of the reissues don't stand up against the older ones. For example if you wanted to get a TR you could get a silverface one for half the price of the 65 reissue, then spend less than $100 to do a blackface mod on it.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well