Hi, I made this cover for Guitar Center's Masterclass with Synyster Gates, I hope you like it. youtube.com/watch?v=6pCYJHyAJns
If you'd like to just listen to it, or if the link doesn't work I also posted an mp3 on my profile. C4C
Yeah my video editing skills aren't that great, I was focusing more on the audio. Thank you for your input, I really appreciate it
I'm going to treat this as a competition entry and not a cover.

As a cover it was okay but as a competition entry i feel is was severely lacking. There was pretty much zero energy, there was no originality to it and no creativity. This is just me being honest. It's one thing to cover a song but they aren't looking for a cover in a competition. The only thing that wasn't note for note different to the original was that one little improv section you had at the end, and to be honest it was pretty generic and boring.

Looking at the criteria they judge the entries on it's for:

performance, authenticity, originality, technique, and style.

To be honest they're all pretty non existent in this video.
Sorry if it sounds like I'm too brutal but as i said at the start I'm treating this as a contest entry and not a cover. The real judges will most likely be even more critical than me. This is a submission I'd want to skip through.
Comparing you to the rest of the competition there is a shitload of seriously talented and creative players out there that totally put this one to shame.

Forgive me being mean
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Thanks for the feedback!

Very good tone, very close to the original. Rhythm playing is very tight for the most part, do notice one or two instances where the palm mutes go off course but only briefly. Lead playing I agree with the above, a bit out of time and quite sloppy on parts of the solo. Unfortunately I also agree with the comments above, the fact you're playing sitting down as well doesn't help much.
@vayne92 Don't feel bad, it's actually what I wanted to hear, I respect the truth more than lies and for that I thank you. To be honest, I had a different understanding of what we were supposed to do at the time I entered the video. I plan to do another video that with more original material.

@Innercelph Thank you for your feedback, I will work on those things for the next video.