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Couldn't see one of these around, and there really should be. In my opinion, the best progressive band around at the moment, with 2011's Visions one of my all-time favourite albums. First album Aquarius has some excellent moments but doesn't quite flow perfectly in places, whereas the aforementioned follow-up exceeded all expectations, including the outstanding 20 minute epic title track 'Visions'.

Their new album 'The Mountain' is scheduled for release on the 2nd September, and they've kindly released a track - it's awesome. Enjoy!


If that doesn't help, I strongly recommend you check out recent album 'Visions', which has a great mixture of heavy riffs, proggy interludes, great harmonies and the occasional bit of cheese
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I remember listening to Haken about two years ago. It's good to rediscover old music. Haken are definitely one of the better modern prog bands along with Anekdoten and Änglagård.
I was actually thinking of making a modern prog thread, but didn't think it would get many views or regulars.
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Great band criminally underated. The new tracks from the mountain sound killer too!
I went to the music college where their guitarist Charlie tutors, real nice guy
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First impressions are that the album's a little all over the place - some great tracks but often spoiled (for me) by the seemingly random changes in direction. Visions flowed so well, it's almost like they decided that they needed to be more 'prog' and went too far... There's some gold in there, but it's nowhere near as polished as Visions for me. Still one of the best up and coming bands out there though.
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I actually picked up a copy of the album a couple of days ago but haven't gotten around to listening to it yet; I have seen Haken live once though, was pretty impressed!
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