Hey guys, in the market for a delay pedal.

I have the choice of
Deluxe memory boy
Tc electronic flashback
Disaster transport
Bbe two timer
Carbon copy

Would like anlogue ultimately. . Recommendations?
I recommend the TC alter ego, from pro guitar shop. It has two amazing/trippy settings that the flashback doesnt.

Heres a demo
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well. i got the BBE used from GC and it was fantastic for about 30 minutes. then crapped out. returned. the delays are analog which are traditionally lower delay time, but they are about 300 MS max on each side, so that is enough for me but perhaps not for others.

the carbon copy is fantastic. i was really impressed when i played it in person.

i just bought a TC flashback and i am blown away. the analog setting sounds better than my EHX memory toy analog, and the toneprints, etc . it really is a GREAT pedal.

given that i just ditched my EHX for my TC, i would say my 2 cents is TC over the memory BOY (even though the BOY is better than TOY).

disaster transport is a great pedal. definitely not as flexible as the TC, which is why i did not get it. but sounds good IF you like the tone its serving up, and boutique. gotta love that!
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Joyo D-SEED, cheap, tap tempo, four delay modes, two indipendently selectable stages.
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I was disappointed when I discovered the repeats on the flashback/alter ego don't change pitch with the delay knob. Also, some presets barely oscillate or take a long time to do so. However, the strum tempo, 7 seconds of delay, and huge range of sounds are useful in some situations, but you may not need that level of versatility.

I believe the memory boy deluxe is the same as the memory toy but with tap tempo, more control over the modulation, and a jack for an expression pedal. I had a memory toy and found it to be pretty nice and spacey but really dark with little definition.

The Malekko 616 is worth checking out as well.
I'd go with the Malekko 616 as well if you're already looking into the carbon copy. It's warmer, has no internal trim pots (other the gain one, but that's set and go anyways) and overall is just more convenient in comparison to the CC.
If you're looking for an analog delay and like darker repeats, Carbon Copy is unbeatable for the price.
It's not on your list, but I couldn't imagine using another delay than my Line 6 DL4. Since I like switching my delaysounds a lot, and we usually play long sets, it's really convenient. And I think it sounds amazing. The only downside is that its rather bug, so it takes up a big chunk of your pedalboard.
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I personally own a BBE two timer and its great. The delay is nice (not super long at max) and the pedal is tank built.

+1 at carbon copy, played one once and the other guitar player in my band plays one and it great
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