Just wondering if someone had submitted an album tab compiled of all my tabs without asking you is bad? I've been working hard on an album tab myself and someone submits one with half-completed songs and even missing songs from the album =/.
Shit happens.

Go get copyright from the original owners and pay royalties everytime someone downloads or views your tab.

Thats the only way you can get mad at ppl. Otherwise accept that it's a huge community and people don't care that you tabbed it they only want to see the tab.

Yes it may be bad but the only thing that gets damaged is your pride and ego in reality.
If a big majority of the tabs were directly taken from yours, then yes. That is bad, and you should ask the submitter to take them off. If he doesn't, you should probably report it here:


(it would probably fall under the second category).

But only if it was stolen/posted here. If it's on another tabbing site, then no, there is no rule against that, so there's nothing you can do about it.

And for future reference, I'd recommend you tab albums out the way I do to prevent this from happening. Rather than submitting one song at a time until the album is done, what I'll do is set up a blank album tab beforehand, work on each song, and once I'm finished with that song, I'll copy and paste it into the blank album tab. Repeat until the album tab is finished. Then it's just a matter of submitting each song and the album tab to UG all at once.

Hope that helps, bud.
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Doing so without asking is not cool. If they don't even give you credit in the tab, yeah it's ridiculously bad. The reality of this tabbing thing though is that most people don't care who made it as long as the tab is good. The tab mods/UG staff do understand and care about this stuff though so I'd try contacting them, they'll either remove the content or at the very least give the user a warning.