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I would like to buy this unfinished guitar that has a set neck. Since it's unfinished I don't have to worry about getting rid of poly or any junk like that but the biggest problem would be the fact the the neck is set. Is there a specific way of taping it so no paint gets on the neck? Like most hollowbody electric guitars, I will NOT be using a solid color. Just wanted to know if it's a tedious task or if I should just get a bolt on. Here's a pic. I'd prefer setneck for maximum tones bro.
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like this!

Be careful not to use too much paint as it will make the wood resonate slightly differently.

And yes - tape off the neck, or just use soluable paint (be careful of getting it deep in the grain of the wood)

Nitro-cellulose varnish is regarded as industry standard as it is a bit more hardy than other types and it's crystal clear) - anything you're not happy with on the paint that appear under normal light you can x5 for under varnish.
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Quote by J_W
There is paint all over your fretboard.

Yeah, this. Not sure what you did there, but you definitely didn't tape off the fretboard.
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It serves as a pretty good example of what not to do.