I know that "reeding b hard" but if someone gives a shit they'll go ahead and read my little epic of an ad here. Sorry it isn't 3 words long.

I'm a vocalist, lyricist, drum/synth programmer and editor who has being doing some combo of all of these things for many years. I have a project, an EP of 5 finished songs that just needs bass. My vocals have been recorded, edited, mixed, mastered and all that, as have my midi drums/synths and most of my guitar guy's guitar.

It's "dark metal" because I can't pin it down to 1 specific genre. It has lots of clean singing/harmony layers along with guttural yells and raspy screams, so elements of gothic metal, black metal, synth rock and others.

The bass tabs have already been written by me in PDF/midi form. I prefer someone 18 and up (mostly due to experience).

I don't really care about your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or even religion as long as you are NOT A FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN or fundy Muslim. Those 2 groups of people have been the biggest a-holes in my experience so I will not work with them. Also there's lots of undead, demonic, horror-themed subject matter lyrically on the project as well as some anti-religious stuff.

This is just for fun. NO MONEY WILL BE INVOLVED! Thus do not ask or expect me to pay you or vice versa. I think it's pretty shitty that most people just want money to make music these days yet claim that they truly "love the music bro".

You must be able to record and send WAV files. Please have some quality though without a million pops and clicks in the recordings.

Also please don't be like a bunch of other a-hole flakes I've encountered. If you're interested and can do 5 songs, no more but no less, then please reply. If not then don't bother.

Also please be willing to send me a sample of your playing and I will obviously send you samples of mine too.

I don't think I'm asking too much. Hope to hear from someone who is actually a fit this time.