I decided to modify the bejesus out of this pedal and made the biggest mistake one can make while modding...I did all the mods at once instead of mod, test, mod, test etc...It barely makes any sound when engaged and there's no range just a wahwoh sorta of ground buzz and a static click noise in bypass when you hit the strings. I'm definitely a noob I've only been tinkering for a year and in that time successfully built a Fuzz Face Clone, modified a Crybaby and repaired two or three pedals. I'm stumped I've been over this thing over and over. I tried a few trouble shooting techniques but as far as diagnosing I fall extremely short. I spent too much time being banished to the hall in Science class. I've spent waaaaay to much time on this thing and can't afford to spend too much more time on it in order to keep the peace on the home front. I hope it's something obvious if not it's going on eBay as is. Thanks in advance guys.

Mods performed

Mid Range
Q mod
Sweep Mod
Whipple Inductor

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I originally had adjustable mods with pots in place. I thought maybe that was the issue so I replaced all of them with resistors. I thought maybe it was the way I installed the Whipple so I put the original inductor back in...nope. I thought maybe it was the bypass switch so I tried a brand new one, and even went so far as to wire it back to the original bypass and back again.
Are you absolutely sure the bypass switch is wired properly?

Are the right pins of the inductor connected? There are 5 pins on it total. One is a ground pin that is connected to the little retaining ring and is not needed. Two should have little wires coming out to them if you look really close. The last two pins are not connected to anything and are there just to give a solid mechanical connection to the board.

Are there any questionable solder joints or lifted traces? Look under a bright light with a powerful magnifier. Your naked eyes aren't good enough.

Other than this, I don't know what to tell you without having the thing in front of me.
Thanks for the quick reply, as far as the bypass goes I followed the instructions here http://dandyjob.com/cms.php?id_cms=8 that didn't work well. I went back to the original wiring...nope. So then I robbed the black switch out of an old A/B box I had and followed this fellas pic http://www.diystompboxes.com/smfforum/index.php?topic=89984.0;prev_next=next . I'll look at the board again, one thing that's weird is the symptoms aren't consistent. Heck when I had the pots in and tested it I got this crazy cool siren noise that I wish I could have harnessed, like those crazy cool whatchamacallit wahs from the 60's.

I wired the Inductor as per the instructions here using pin numbers 1 and 8 http://dandyjob.com/cms.php?id_cms=9 I tried to trouble shout it by putting the original inductor in but still nadda.
Siren noise? Only way I know to do that is to plug the wah in backwards, guitar into output and input to amp.

Idk, man. Have you checked that switch? Those X-wing switches aren't great-quality or anything.

I guess just bust out the ohm meter and start making continuity checks.
Yeah I don't know what that siren sound was all about it was definitely plugged in right. I'm not 100% on the switch but I tried one of the blue 3pdt switches and I wired it following the whipple websites instructions. And I even wired it exactly like it was from factory with the original switch and it does the same exact thing for all three switches. I'll probably just unload it as is on eBay or something and use the proceeds for some other projects. I've spent way to much time on this thing as it is. I'm not too sick about it, this has definitely been a learning experience of what to do and most importantly what not to do during a mod. I was hoping something would Jump out of the picture at someone resulting a hey dummy moment. On the other hand I might keep it and try to diagnose it down the road, I've never properly tested components so it would be an advanced coarse for me. Thanks for the insight.
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Don't be, I read some of your threads and you seem to know your stuff and nothing jumped out at you so I know its something technical not obvious. At least this can be a lesson to anyone reading this. Mod test mod test mod test not Mod mod mod mod mod test...fail. I wish I wasn't the class clown and paid attention to Mr. Hessert...oh to do it all over again.
FWIW I've killed 4 wahs this way. I still don't have a working wah. I had one that I modded to make a yoy effect and idk how that one broke. It used to work fine. Ah, well. lessons learned.
I did the same thing to a Daddy-O pedal with a Monte Allums kit. He advises you to do one mod at a time and then test. I thought ppffff as long as I pay attention and put the puzzle pieces where they go I'll be fine. And luckily I was fine so that's why I went the same route with this one because I thought that would be too time consuming...Ha!
ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I switched the sweep around because I got to thinking about when I was younger and had to have a loud system in my car and how you damn sure needed the + - right on the cap but didn't read anything in any threads about such a small cap needing the right polarities. Whickity Woaaawah.
Oh...that is weird then. I will be digging into it again though I don't like the treble side at all it's a bit on the shrill side I'll start with adjusting the pot.