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I'm open to genres, just interested to hear what people have to say on this.

To help, look at this picture and think of songs.

My top three songs would have to be:

Just A Second (Apex Remix) - London Elektricity
The Mentalist - Mr FijiWiji
Porcelain - Marianas Trench
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No Rain-Blind Melon
Closer to the Sun-Slightly Stoopid
Top of the World-Slightly Stoopid
Dont Follow-Alice in Chains
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Great suggestions so far guys, digging the Opeth album, along with a certain song that's obviously trying to be Marianas Trench (or even Moby)

As for the picture, seems like I picked one from a stock photo website so it won't show, I'll change the OP now. More songs:

Signs of Life - Every Move A Picture
Dirty Blue - Wovenhand
Same Mistake - James Blunt
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First song that came into my head by your title was: On a Plain - Nirvana, lol, But then I saw the pic and thought of Malibu - Hole.
Seriously tho, I think I could listen to just about anything up that high.