Well, technically I did not get this today, I got it maybe two weeks ago. I feel like I've had enough time with it now though to really get a feel for it, though.

Ignore the RG100ES in the middle there, I've had that for years now. It's really starting to look like I have a thing for Randalls though, isn't it?


So I picked up the RD45 used from Guitar Center for only $300. I was just researching around on these when I saw that for sale, and had to jump on that deal. I'm really glad I did, because it is in mint condition. The cab I found used on Craigslist for $220 just a few days after, and by complete coincidence, it just happens to be the exact model that is designed specifically to be paired with this head. I don' think either of these come up used all that often, so to somehow be able to snag both separately was very lucky!

The cab is also in excellent condition, the guy said it never left his bedroom, and that definitely shows. The Precision Drive is also used, I was able to grab that from Guitar Center as well for $160. These are $220 new, so I think that's a pretty fair deal. I also picked up a Shure SM57, a Focusrite 2i2 interface, and other random things I needed to start recording at home.

Thoughts so far:

This is an awesome combination of gear.

The head itself does pretty good heavy metal tones. It brings more than enough punch, and with the boost switch on, plenty of gain for some seriously heavy playing. However, for what I was going for, it really lacked the tightness and bite that I was looking for. That's when I started reading up on the Precision Drive and decided to take a flyer on it, as I had read nothing but good things. The boost is surprisingly quiet, and the noise gate works exactly how I want it to -- to the point where I feel absolutely no need for my NS-2 with this setup.

I am super impressed with this cab as well. When I first read that they were Randall designed speakers, I was a little turned off on the idea of picking it up, but after reading a bunch of reviews, everyone came to the conclusion that they designed excellent speakers here that really pair well with the head. It sounds fantastic with the RG100ES and really pairs well with my Krank Rev Jr as well. I really want to try it out with my Ampeg VH-140c, but unfortunately that lives at my band's studio space, so I won't be able to test that for a while.

The cleans are actually very good. Not as glassy as my Ampeg's cleans are, but still very good. Can get a nice jazzy, plucky tone, and then with the gain up just a bit, a really solid early blues sound with just a hit of breakup. Lovely. Unfortunately I didn't get a recording of that.

With everything together, this is one beast of a rig. The only thing I find kind of lacking is the response to pinch harmonics. For some reason this amp just doesn't really like to let them squeal the way they should. They don't sound bad through it, it's just the one area where things aren't quite up to par. But that's alright, I have other amps that can back that up.

Sample Recording:


The guitar tracks are completely raw. They have no post EQ, mastering, compression, or any effects on them at all, just the SM57 straight into the interface and level matched. The only thing I did was adjust the EQ on the amp between takes for a slightly different tone left and right.

This is my first real effort on recording at home, so I wanted to play something simple in order to focus more figuring out how to get a good sound in the mic than on really trying to nail some difficult riff. This is a cover of an old Baphomet song (cookie to anyone who knows what other famous band covered this song). The drums are midi using MT Power DrumKit 2 (its a free VST, not the greatest, but does the job). The bass is actually a WAV export from Guitar Pro, haha. Somehow that worked just fine in the mix.

Let me know what you guys think!

Update: Played around with it some more and recorded an original track this time. I'm really digging this amp! I can't understand why they aren't more popular.

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The best thing that you can do for any Randall tube head is to upgrade the OT. I am yet to do that on my RM's myself but it's certainly on the books to be done at some stage in the future.

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Sweet, sounds chunky as hell. Sounds you have some thrashy amps, the Krank, the VH140... makes me want to go Craigslist hunting

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Since it seems like you have all the compliments about the choice of amps I'll just say awesome choice of song to demo it with.  

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It's sounds great man. Just like the Dying Fetus cover.  could you possibly send me that drum track? The whole recording sounds great.
congrats, awesome amps. wish i didnt have to sell my 5 watter.
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Quote by ExDementia
Played around with it some more and recorded an original track this time. I'm really digging this amp! I can't understand why they aren't more popular.


Nice track man!  And nice playing!  The amp sounds really mean and pissed off -- just the way metal tone should.  I think there are several reasons this amp hasn't become more popular, the first being that it's hard to break into the market of the "tried and true" 5150s/6505s, Recs, Marshalls, and various Engls and other big names -- whether they're in fact better or not.

But also, "modern" metal isn't modern anymore.  By that, I mean there's a new "modern" metal tone that a lot of folks are trying to get in which the emphasis is on "tighter than tight" punched-in and edited-to-hell-in-the-DAW duck-quack noises (AKA 'djent' and "progressive" metal).    While there are certainly tube amps that can achieve that tone (Randall Satan, for one), I'd say the majority of players in that genre are going to digital units and/or amp sims through their computers.  Your RD 45 is cut from the same cloth as a 5150 or Dual Rec, in that it has a healthy amount of bass and warmth; and has a tight response but not a clinically tight response.  That tone just isn't the go-to anymore by the majority of what today's "metal" players tend to be after.

But I could just be talking out of my ass too, as an old-school and 90s-era metalhead who is now passing into a curmudgeon phase. 

I think there is some merit to what you're saying, but there are definitely some bands out there who "modern" that still rock the classic chunky metal sound. The djenting is definitely the "in" thing though
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.