Curious how you guys do it - 

I find I can only work on one song for so long so I go down the path of learning multiples at once.
Sometimes because I'm not technically capable of progressing further, other times out of boredom.

Reason I bring it up is I feel this can hinder my growth.  Too many things in the fire and too distracted to really grow (if that makes sense)

Right now I practice in the morning before work for about 30 minutes on exercies with a metronome. 
Then in the afternoon i practice for like an hour; just feels like i should be growning faster....
Curious if anyone else has the same symptoms.

Though, other times I obsess too much and will try to record the song perfectly before moving onto something else.

Wonder if you guys have any stratedgies I could adopt.


Learning more than one song at once is actually a good thing. While you are learning the other songs, you are progressing and each song on it's own will start feeling easier.

As for not growing faster - make sure you're covering all areas of playing not just one or two: technique, musical knowledge (scales, chords etc), phrasing, timing, repertoire, sill integration etc. You may have one or two weaknesses that are holding you back. Find what they are and work on them.
boyd98 Are you playing songs for practice or just to learn to mimic them?  Big difference

If the former, then are you doing this to relate technique to, or musical knowledge to, or what?  In which case, jumping around songs to get the extracts you want is fine.  If you're just learning a song to mimic it, I suggest you get it as good as you want, and then move on.  Especially if you are going to be called on to play that song.

Depends what your goals are !
thx fellas - 
jerrykramskoy I would say both practice and to mimic 

I have hopes to join a band (family life and other commitments semi prevent it); although I also have a thought in my head that I would puruse harder if I build a playlist of songs.

I've been "practicing" off and on for years, taking months off here and there when needed due to kid activities.

Playlist of X songs (including solos)
Music Theory, be able to solo over chords / backing tracks
Shred; cover harder stuff 
Easy Stummers / Sing

Mornings - 30 minutes of exercises with metronome
Including learning major scales (notes and patterns)  Currently have G and C in my hands in regard to notes, have the 5 caged patterns
Evenings review of songs I'm learning + easy strummer and vocal practice (about 1hr+)

Metallica Sad But True (solo is too fast for me currently; in my hands but not at speed)
Mama I'm coming home (learned once, relearning; would like to get it to where i could record it and record dual tracks with multiple guitar parts)
Iron Man (borning as F, but I learned the solo, so i ditty with it to keep it in my hands since I'm at speed with it)

Vocal Strummers:
Eagles - Take it Easy
D. Lee Murphy - Dust on the Bottle

Think my frustation just comes from not being able to hit solos at speed or how long it takes me to learn certain phrases
Quote by boyd98

Think my frustation just comes from not being able to hit solos at speed or how long it takes me to learn certain phrases

This is normal. It's how progress works. It's taken me about a month of regular practice to get Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee" up to the tempo on the record, and even then not every time.

It just comes down to going slow and making sure you get things right at the very start. Sometimes you can feel the phrase and it comes out clean without a problem. Sometimes you have to sit down and count out every single quarter, 8th and 16th slower than you metronome will click. Doing that kind of nitty gritty work is when you really start to improve. 
boyd98 Family is very cool.  I once turned down a European tour with a fairly big-name band at that time (Krokus) because of family.  No regrets.  

Do you have decent tools for slowing down and looping (like Transcribe from seventhstring)?  Really useful for getting all the nuances right.

cdgraves Kudos on Charlie Parker.  I've worked out a lot of his solos (using Transcribe) ... I love his playing.  My hands are sort of damaged these days (but gradually recuperating, whereas I used to have great technique) ... but I can still just about manage that break in Night in Tunisia (with a little prudent right hand tapping help).

You ever hear Michael Brecker playing with Steps Ahead? ... he plays an absolutely amazing version of Duke Ellington's "In a sentimental mood", on a wind synth.  Major challenge on guitar!!  Beautiful piece of music.

Quote by cdgraves
jerrykramskoy Brecker is fantastic... not even gonna try to transcribe him until I get this bebop shit under my fingers! Give it a decade or so

Lol!  Stick at it.

Taken me ages.  Started trying to play bebop back in late 1990's.  But great fun.  But I'm kind of mixing up styles ... love playing jazz lines but with metal guitar, and blending in modern blues licks with it.  For example: https://soundcloud.com/jerry-kramskoy-1/cool-jazz-by-day-ice-by-night

This stuff is a journey for life ...that's why I love music so much.  Always new twists just around the corner.
jerrykramskoy Cool song. I like the blend between you and Michel Martineau. It calls for a repeated listening.
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