I use my tone control quite a bit. Ill roll it down if I want to dull my tone and roll it up if I want more brightness.

Depending on the amp, sometimes I run the tone knob around 7 and dial in my tone. Then Ill use the tone knob as a slight treble boost for leads or whatever.

I also like rolling down the bridge all the way for Woman tone style stuff.
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I never use it.

And I rarely use the volume controls for anything but cutting the guitar signal off completely either. If I want to use less gain or less treble, I walk over to the amp.
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Tone knobs are just another tool. No reason not to use them. So yes I use them to vary tones as needed
I'll admit I rarely use the treble rolloff pot that's on most guitars. But by "rarely" I don't mean "not at all."

It's not really much of a tone control -- especially when there are mids and bass rolloff controls out there on some guitars (I have a mids rolloff on a Gibson L6S, for example, and some guitars have a "bass contour" control (and there's a bass rolloff on L6S reissues). Ibanez AR500s from the late '70's/early '80's had a three-band EQ that was available in active mode that was/is pretty useful. Carvin offered an active preamp with active master treble and master bass controls that actually offered a 15 dB boost and cut compared to "dimed" passive tone controls.
Only when playing clean. I set the clean channel with just enough gain to break up along with lots of treble. What I find is that the amp only distorts when there's lots of high end hitting it, and when I roll back the tone control the amp is completely clean without changing picking dynamics. Don't know if this has been anybody else's experience.
The above post is in terms of 'YMMV' and 'IMO', etc...

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We need to start at the very beginning. What is tone.
2Crosser might give that a try actually!
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I never use it.

And I rarely use the volume controls for anything but cutting the guitar signal off completely either. If I want to use less gain or less treble, I walk over to the amp.

Well I use it a little differently. If the song needs less gain I can turn off my OD or turn off the Amps gain. However, when I'm playing I roll my volume up and down depending on what my parts are and how much breakup I want or many other aspects. Basically I use it as a dynamic control in a way. Some parts I want in fortissimo and some in piano for example. Sure rolling the volume doesn't make my guitar quiter, but it clears up the overdrive and softens the attack.
I prefer the fender greasebucket tone mod instead of a normal tone control, cuts high frequencies but doesn't sound muddy rolled back. I have this on two of my guitars, the other two have a bass cut control instead.

I use the volume control all the time, mostly when playing clean. I've installed a treble bleed for the volume on all of my guitars.
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I set the amp bright and use the guitar tone control to adjust the output brightness. I find this the easiest way of accommodating several different guitars to one amp.

Same here - also, I tend to find that rolling off the treble on the amp to compensate for a guitar that has excessively bright pickups just stifles the high end output that gets to the speaker and results in a lifeless and unexpressive sound.
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I never use the tone. Recently I rewired a three pickup Gibson Black Beauty and eliminated the tone controls completely (I gave each pickup a separate volume control). Today my project is to rewire a Les Paul I stripped down (electronics) and am now ready to put back together with new pups and a Guitar Fetish 3 way active tone control that gives the guitar a separate bass, mid and treble control. 


I never use just the tone control on my guitars. They are always wide open.
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Just roll it off a little if I'm playing something out of the normal and the tone is a little bright
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When playing arpeggio it is better to roll your tone knob to 0  and switch to neck pickup - the notes will sound clearer and warmer then
I pretty much never use it at all, but I can't bring myself to remove them! I use them a bit on bass though. Some things just need a slightly warmer sound and I prefer new coated strings so the tone control is the only way to do that
Very useful, even when playing metal. Usually I don't make drastic changes, but I will roll off some high end for leads sometimes if I want a more mellow sound. It also depends on the guitar, as some guitars (My SG, for example) are prone to spiky highs.
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I find the JB to be a little "ice picky", so I use the tone to smooth it a little.
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I like fender's tbx pot.

Also treble bleed mods, different size caps and some inductor mods that you can do change how effective it is and how you can use it.

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I just about bottom it out when I want a jazzy tone
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I just about bottom it out when I want a jazzy tone
Same here. I use it liberally on Teles to get just the right balance between no icepick and yes sparkle. On other guitars I use it less but still a bit.

Like others said, though, I only really use volume knobs to cut the signal entirely.
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I like to roll it back about 10% or so when I find my tone is a little too bright other than that it is usually fully cranked. Sometimes I like to mess around with it a bit when I'm playing a little bit of blues or something.

Overall I like having the option I would definitely miss it if my guitar didn't have one.
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i use them if i'm using a brighter guitar, say a strat or a tele, especially on the bridge pickup. if i'm using humbuckers, especially if i'm playing at higher gain, i rarely use them.
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I ride tone and volume controls all the time to keep things interesting, especially on the Strat and Tele.  It all depends on what you are going for but my tone usually  falls somewhere between Jeff Beck, David Gilmour, and Robben Ford, so guitar tone and volume controls are my friends.
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