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none... i borrow them off my freinds
8 0%
309 14%
575 25%
516 23%
320 14%
189 8%
121 5%
61 3%
39 2%
9+ cause im rich
144 6%
Voters: 2284.
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How Many Guitars do you Own?

i own 3

1, Epiphone Les Paul
2, Fender 62 Strat
3, some lame yamaha classical guitar
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I own 3:

Ibanez RG1570
Yamaha Pacifica
Hohner acoustic.

Ibanez RG1570 Prestige
Laney VC15
Boss DS-1
Jim Dunlop Crybaby
just the one. my gibson *ashamed* V
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epiphone special sg, fender telecaster, no name ****ty old acoustic
hahaha everyone seems to have at least one tatty old acoustic
Quote by Beansontoast
the only musical instrument a woman should play is the hoover and/or the iron
I have 5 of them

Ibanez Rg1570BKL Prestige
Ibanez SA260FML
Stagg IH 400 LBK
and a regular AK.

All Lefty's
i own 4. i have 2 encore acoustics which i dont really play and my electric guitars are an encore stratocaster and a rikter les paul. i got the one for my bithday and another for christmas. both acoustics were give to me by friends so yeah ive been a lucky devil and not had to dish out a lod of dosh for them all
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64 strat
les paul 25 years
l. p. studio
l. p. special
fender tele
taylor cant remember model but they dont makem no more
and i got one martin on the way.

7 altogether, 2 electric, 1 semi-acoustic, 1 acoustic, 2 spanish acoustics, and a bass. Never actually bought one myself tough, the electric and bass were gifts, and the rest belonged to my dad.
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Unfortunately just 1

Should be 2 in a month
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8 at the moment: My favorites: MusicMan Silhouette, Rickenbacker 320 and a Rickenbacker 325, Takamine 360sc
A Squire Jagmaster and my old classical one...and I have banjo too but thats borrowed and I cant really play it.

Some day I dream to expand this to 6 or 7...
I have one electric. and a crappy cheap acoustic
Originally posted by Novaworld
Smiddys right...
I own 5.

****ty acoustic (spanish)
Acoustic (western)

Samick Strat-copy
Kramer Vanguard
Gibson Explorer
Ive 2, my starter guitar, its a nylon string honor

and my cort electric, im going to buy a steel stringed acoustic
soon but i don't know what to get, I was thinking of going for a yamaha....

*insert witty comment*
Just the one. My trusty Squire Strat

Oh, and a CRAP (and I mean CRAP) like, half size kiddies nylon string acoustic guitar that I don't even count as a guitar, so I voted 1.

(It was bought for me when I was about 7 as a Birthday present... I wish I'd started learning, instead of waiting till I was 16.)
Schecter C-1 Classic
Fender Standard Strat
Squier Bullet Special (first guitar + new mod practice guitar)
Custom project
Jasmine Acoustic

so 5...sort of, the Squier and the Custom aren't really put together at the moment.

Squier affinity strat and a nameless nylon acoustic (about 35 years old)
my gear:
Squier affinity Strat, with Schaller Straplocks
Line 6 Spider II 30
Ibanez Ts7 Tubescreamer
Line 6 Guitarport
Oscar Schmidt 0U3 Ukelele
i have one technically (which i voted ): ibanez mij rg470.

however, i sold my kramer striker to my sister, and my mum has a really old acoustic lying around...
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I have 3 guitars.

Yamaha ERG-121 and two Levin Acoustics.

Well thats my guitars, soon Iam getting a Fender Standard Telecaster.
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I own 3:

Fender Stratocaster with lace sensor pickups
modded yamaha eg112 (seymour duncan pickups and a bunch of other stuff)
Ovation T357 acoustic
Orange Rockerverb 100 + Orange PPC412
Fernandes Dragonfly Elite
Ibanez RG1570 Prestige
Ibanez RGA121 Prestige
Fender Road Worn Player's Telecaster
i own 1 but 9+ dosent mean your rich a friend of mine owns 2 guitars and 2 amps but if he hocked it all he would only get like 200 probably less CAD and its mostly in good condition.
I own:

Modded Ibanez GAX-70
Modded Squier P-bass
Modded Fender Strat (Dad's)
Vantage Acoustic
Epiphone Acoustic (Dad's)
And a tele body with floyd rose routing.

So 5 1/2.

EDIT: Make that 6 1/2, my mandolin.
Uhhh, 5.

'84 American Kramer Pacer w/ EMG 81/SA/SA, OFR
'98 Ibanez RG520QS w/ Dimarzio Tone Zone/Air Norton
'01-02 Dean Z Custom w/ Seymour Duncan Distortion/59
'96 MIM Fender Strat, Look at the link in my sig on what its going to become.
'04 Washburn D100 Acoustic.
three, epiphone tele copy RARE, accoustic cort and accoustic classical
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I've got a behringer strat copy and a fender squier 3/4 scale acoustic, which is actually a decent guitar.

I'm saving up for a Schecter though.

Jackson DK2M -> ISP Decimator -> Peavey 6505 Combo
I own 2:

Ibanez GAX-30
Jackson DKMGT
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I have 4:
Takamine acoustic
Squier affinity strat
Jay Turser Serpent LP copy
Epi Joe Pass Emperor 2
Parker Nitefly SA
Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor 2
Jay Turser Serpant LP copy
Squier strat
Takamine Acoustic

Peavey Ultra 410
Behringer Vintager AC112
2 a ibbanez gio and a agile al-2500
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