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Epic Melodic Metal (GP5, GP4, MIDI)

Hey guys I'm back from by ban, and I have 2 new songs.

This is the first one, inspired heavily by Children of Bodom and Wintersun.

Crit 4 Crit of course

P.S. If you like this style, check out my other songs in sig

EDIT: 2nd new song will be up soon

EDIT: Alright I uploaded an update "Epic Melodic Metal Edit". I just fixed a mess-up in the piano chord progression right before the Guitar Duet. I'm leaving up the old one just so people can compare if they want to...
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File Type: zip Epic Melodic Metal Edit.zip.zip (22.0 KB, 406 views)

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Cheers for the crit^^

The intro was really awesome Nice time sigs.
Verse 1 was good but long, hope you got some lyrics ^^
The chorus was good, nothing special.
The interlude is way to long I thought, as it gets a bit boring.
The guitar duet was fabulous ^^
The break was awesome too, I like the use of the harp.
The keyboard solo was ok, nothing really magnificent or fabulous, but it was good.
The guitar solo though was good, really fitted the song.
The outro was nice, really a good way to end the song.

Good song, I really liked it ^^ 8/10, cheers for the crit ;P
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Valar Morghulis
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That was surprisingly good.

I think the bass could have been slightly more interesting, or at least followed the rhythm of the drums more (There's a reason its called the rhythm section).

And the soloing wasn't as impressive as I was hoping for. But it got the job done without wanking or anything, so that was good. It was just a bit... lacking.

And the outro ends way too quick, and just doesnt seem to fit with the song.
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Better nate then lever
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okay at first listen this would be 10/10
but im going to have to dock some points youll see why

-overall song
-reallyliked the chorus

improvavble [this is where the docking comes form]
-the guitar solo
just, i dunno, being that built up it shold have been in my eyes longer and more epic, just seemed short and rather pointless like a bridge or something, sorry if i sound harshe but you had so much "tension" built up i was waiting for an amazing solo

-after the solo i think the key should change to one thats either happier or sadder i dunno but seemed repative a lot if the key changed it would seen amazing, and i mean the chorus part not the outro althoguht the outro was a little bland [think of something more epic and less unfullfilling]
-nothing just needs improvement

so now
just make that solo more epic [think, stairway to heaven]

[mine checking out mine?, power metal in sig]
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Nice keyboard solo, bro.
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That was really great.

The only really bad thing about it was the electric snare hits that you used throughout the whole song. They sounded intrusive and unnatural, and they just annoyed me.

But other than that the whole thing was great, the chorus reminded me of Brave Heart.

Another minor complaint: You should change that electric grand piano to a plain old grand piano. It sounds better.

The use of harps in this song was amazing.

And yeah, the solo was pretty lackluster.... I mean come on..... you used eights through almost the whole thing.

I like the key change in the outro. Great stuff.

I didn't expect it to end, but then it just did. Oh well.

yeah that was great, 9/10.

I'd apprecciate it if you'd crit the bottom one in my sig. Thanks.
I'm a person.
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I definitely hear the Wintersun in that intro riff, awesome.

Suggestion though, the drums in the Verse were really weak IMO, they're kind of the dragging on kind of ones that builds up to powerful drums, but these didn't seem to go anywhere.

The chorus was epic.
Almost sounds a little too much like Wintersun.

I love the interlude.

The guitar break needed some pauses though, like in bar 91 just have teh D note hold for the whole bar bar the last quaver.

The keyboard solo was great, but I felt that bar 124 didn't work, just because of the tempo you're playing at it just sounds awkward.

And I felt the run at the end of the solo going into the Chorus should have been faster

Other than that, great stuff.
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UG's Nu/Shyguy
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The intro is alright, I love it when the orchestral part comes in.

I agree with buckethead_jr about the drums in the verse, they were kinda boring.

I also love the interlude...

The break is amazing... The keyboard is alright, I understand what you were trying to do in bar 124, but it doesn't sound too good, imo.

I loved the key change in the outro.

Overall, this is really good. 8.5/10.

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Great song, i really like it... no suprise as Wintersun is my favourite band. Very melodic, the chorus melody is very epic. Guitar solo could use some work as others have said, but very catchy song dude.


Check mine if you want


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Anthony Green Fanboy <3
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wow, that was a really awesome listen. I'm not one to be picky with other people's songs so I didn't bother trying my hardest to find something wrong with it. It was all very shocking. I was amazed. like people said before though, guitar solo was a bit lacking and the outro didn't fit much. that's really all that I noticed. this truly is a great composition.
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very well done my good fellow!!
the guitar solo, felt, well not really repetitive but a little more variation with note values, and a few other techniques involved, i think some sweeps harmonised with your harp or synth would be very effective.
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~Loki <3
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Written excellently
I especially loved the Guitar Duet

The whole song is great.
A little repetetive, but nothing major.

I would definately listen to it if I had a recorded version
Nice Drums too.

Great work

~Loki <3
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nice drum intro, actually nice drums entirely so far! the riff is pretty neet too.
Oh my, the next riff really caught my attention, particularly that little bass part.
Nice timing change into the chorus. This kinda sounds like pirate music haha :P
nice drums fills, that's intense.
clean part is neet, the drums probably shoulda slowed down a bit coming into this part though
I like the guitar duet, and particularly the orchestral part right after, OMG that is amazing :S nice use of the harp btw
Great keyboard solo
it would've been intense if you did the guitar solo in 4/4, but still amazing.
I can't say I like the chord progression for the most part though, seems kinda unfinished a lot
nice run into the chorus, and excellent key change.
outro was cool, but ended a little awkwardly and abruptly
but heck, that was amazing, if you made a recrding of this, particularly with vocals, I'd listen to it. 10/10
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(listning as im commenting)
wow thayt's really good i love from bar 14. Pirates of the Caribbean influnece maybe?
duet guitar part is equally amazing. as is the keyboard solo!
the guitar solo could be made to be a bit more 'epic' becuase i think it should build up more and more untill the outro maybe?

if you could record this fully id buy it straight away.
- Sam
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Thanks for the crit!
Well, wasn't to fond of the intro to be honest. I liked verse 1 a lot though. I also enjoyed the chorus a lot, it reminded me of Pirate of the Caribean. The interlude is fantastic, my favorite part so far, when the piano comes in it's just perfect. Guitar Duet is good, not great though. The break was nice. Both solos were great. I didn't really like the outro.
Great stuff, 8/10.
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Here we go:

I'm getting an Ensiferum-esque vibe from the intro (which is a good thing). The lead is great, although I personally would have preferred a another 'hook' in there. Either way it works excellent, a great buildup to the song.

Holy fook, the verse is epic! Flawless. The orchestral hits are a great addition.

Chorus: So much epicness . Once again nothing bad here! When the double bass drums come in is class.

Interlude: An awesome followup, although it took a bit to realize that guitar 1 was actually doing something. The piano parts are beautifully done as well.

Guitar Duet: Finally, some harmonization. Another incredible lead.

For the sake of keeping this crit repetition free, I'll stop part by part critting. Because truly, this song is EPIC. The break was brilliantly done, the keyboard solo executed perfectly, and the guitar solo nigh-orgasmic.

The only bad thing I can see with the song is the key changes at the end. While adding a nice effect, they seem a bit forced, the tranistions weak.

All in all, I know this crit probably seems like e-fellatio, but damn, you have serious skills when it comes composing an epic work.

This is an easy 9.5/10.
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lol, sounds like it should be on the sound track for lord of the rings or pirates of the caribbean. the chorus in particular. musically its great some parts drag out a bit longer, but that tends to be that case if u don't have lyrics in there.

i'm assuming it doesnt have any lyrics in it, which isnt that big of a deal. if u were to add some, u could add something funky in there like a dragonforce style would probably suit it with a little fancy storyline about some knight and his maiden that he needs to rescue... or something corny like that. u get it.

one thing i am disappointed with is the bass. the bass works with the song but i would have though a song like this should have a more interesting bass line. it could have been used better in that instead of flooding the song with an entire strings section running through it, it could have had a more subtle approach in a movement to give the bass more of a presence.

regardless of that, the song is great.

the end
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Awesome song, I loved all they keys and the key sig changes


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I loved the whole song except the drums, were a bit bland and boring i must say.The solo was not bad but its been said...its not 'epic' enough, i was expecting some guitar wankery there, but i was proven wrong

Good song, one of the bst ive heard on here.


Crit mine please(in sig)
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Very cool dude.
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