Hi, I am recording straight into Garageband (I think '08). It is not finished, but would really love some advice, critiques on the piece. I am sure it is out of time, etc., but could use some pointers.

Also, I seem to be stuck on the parts where the verse will be (it comes at 28 seconds, you will know, it's boring as hell). Could use a tip a or two to make that more interesting.

FYI - This is guitar only, nothing else at the moment. Sort of a concept in it's infancy. I am not sure if this is against the rules to put up unfinished work. I apologize if it is. I'm just a dude trying out stuff.

Chords: Dmaj, Dmaj with index finger off, Em, A7.
Intro: Picking Dmaj strings


Thanks everyone. It's about a minute or so.
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Hey man, it is a little out of time like you said, if you put a click on you'll be more in time.

My advice from a compositional point of view would be to keep on a progression a bit more.
A quick turn around could be D, Em, A7, Bm6, G, A, D
Or Bm7 and C#m7 for a bridgey bit.
This opens up some more melodical options for you to lay down as a second track.
Always waiting for that bit of inspiration.
Hi, it's not my kind of music, but I'll try to be objective !
I thins it's a good start. The part at 0:28 is quite boring as you said ! Maybe you could add a second guitar and make it more melodic (and put some harmonies in it ?). As it is now, this part kind of breaks the progression of the song, to me. The rest sounds good.

Also, you should try to put some other instruments (even just some crappy drum machine) to add some dynamics (I know it's just a demo, it's just an advice for later !).

That's it.

Here is my song if you want to check and comment it : (a very different style )

Thanks. I am going to try expanding on that progression.

My goal is to add other instruments via Garageband.

I am glad there is hope for this thing and that it isn't utter trash.
Epi G400 '66 Reissue
w/ Airline Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickups
Never think of your music as 'utter trash'. No matter what it is. If you enjoy it, and like how it sounds, just continue to work on it.

The guitar is a bit out of time, but that is to be expected without a metronome. You should use one (whether in the program, or an actual, physical one), or you should make a drum track and play to that. The guitar tone is really nice as well. I would say maybe track two rhythm guitars to give it a dynamic sound, and maybe add a lead track to add a few little extra sounds on top. Wouldn't say this song would need bass, but if you have access to one, that'd add a bit to the depth of the sound.

It sounds good though, and I could see it being a great song once it's finished, if you do it right. Just remember to write the music you love and what you want to listen to.

Different kind of music, but would you mind C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1537887
It is a little out of time. Try practicing with a 4 bar cycle loop and a simple drum beat loop until you get it really tight. It helps a lot of musicians to have a simple drum beat playing in the background while recording as well.

Also try layering a few ideas together, like that chord progression. Record it into garageband, loop it and add a bit of lead on top. Doesn't have to be anything extravagant, could be 2 notes.

Just remember rhythm is key, good luck!
KJ and Kevin, thanks for encouragement. I plan to practice this with metronome to really get it down.
I will have to find a drum loop in GB that fits. Also, this is so new to me so I am learning a little on the fly on recording. Fleshing it out with other instruments is kind of intimidating (adding lead on top).
Plus, this is about as "light" as I go for sound. I typically like heavier Nirvana or older Weezer stuff.
Epi G400 '66 Reissue
w/ Airline Vintage Voiced Single Coil Pickups