I made a quick cover on basically the only song I know how to play
I've been on and off with trying to sing but I want to start again and I want to get decent, I can handle criticism.

EDIT: check this one out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQVxQldWboY
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I can't pretend I like the "whisper vocals" (Something I catch myself doing when a song's too low for me). That being said, your pitches seemed pretty solid to me. I'd like to hear something with a little more range and "umf".

Otherwise, very good.
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Good. Previous comment has a point, but really that depends on whether you wanted it to sound like that, or if your voice is always airy like that.
Then you seem to be good already, upload something with more energy so we can hear your voice properly
Quote by jeremygp24
i can control it, i made it airy just for that song

Try without it and post something else.

At this point, the only thing we could discuss would be the wisdom of that artistic decision.
haha basically I heard the original song and it was airy so I just copied it, and okay ill make a new cover today
One suggestion is to learn some vocal exercises and practise them everyday for a few minutes. You could try looking up the bel canto method of singing it's quite a famous approach to singing tuition based on the idea that little and often over time leads to big improvements (rather than doing nothing some days and hours the next). Singers get good at it through lots of hard work just like any other musicians.
Your absolute most crippling problem is that you don't sing through vowels, and you don't sing them correctly, take for example the word "mistletoe", I almost always hear "mistletuh" make a very announced OH at the end of the word, think of your vowels as tall and not wide. also, work on projecting your sound forward...I'm not hearing that familiar ring in the voice that shoudl always be present.

Happy singing
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If you want us to tell you how you sing, why are you picking songs "that you don't know that well?"

I agree with the vowel and projection notes. I feel like you're trying to sound like the original singer rather than just trying to sing.

Imagine that you were singing to someone who was in the room with you, 10 or 15 feet in front of you. How does that change how you sing?

But really, it's about you forgetting what the original singer sounds like and just singing the notes. This is a pretty common problem with young & untrained singers - you try to emulate the overall sound you've heard, because you have a hard time distinguishing it from the note being sung.

But you don't want to emulate the overall sound, just the note.
only reason is because it was easy on guitar haha but okay I'll sing without guitar next time since I don't know any other songs.

what you said about someone being in a room with me really helps a lot.

also about the forgetting what the original singer sounds like, my version was pretty different from the original but I'm not quite sure on what you're trying to say. I'll work on my vowels too, I was a little nervous so i'll keep it in mind when I re-do this