I've been listening to Firewind, Children Of Bodom, All That Remains, Into Eternity, In Flames, Maiden, Priest, etc...but i'm starting to get bored. anyone got any good(EDIT) metal bands along those lines? it can vary a little bit. i'll give anything a chance. thanks.
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metallica,bullet for my valentine, slipknot, dragonforce(lol), megadeth,black sabbath, ozzy osbourne etc...
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misery signals! they are good
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dude, go listen to some slayer, pantera, saxon, running wild, manowar, I can't list everything, just check out my profile and listen to every band on there
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k, ozzy, metallica, pantera, slayer, megadeth can all be left out because they're write-ins... but BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE?

also, i checked out meshuggah..not big on them. I'm listening to some Insomnium right now, and they're pretty good.
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Wu Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
serious rec by the way
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