I played an american standard and i saw that jackson guitars have similar neck(thinner btw). .

it's good but i dont like the neck after the 12th fret. .i feel that i can't play, why they build their guitars with that neck??
hate jackson necks, too thin

american standards feel pretty good
but Mustangs feel better (imo)
I'm pretty neutral towards Jackson's and Fenders. My guitar teacher once let me use his hollow body telecaster (not sure what make exactly), it was like putting a hot knife through butter orgasmic.

I like ESP (whatever they use) and Ibanez (Wizard II) necks the best.
I actually really dislike fender necks. And I have never been a big jackson fan either.
Fender necks with maple fretboards =
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Fender has alot of different neck shapes....V,C, Soft V, etc....if u dont like one try another....I dont like the Fender scale being that it is longer than Gibson/Epiphone
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I love Jackson necks, at least the ones that are wider. I find my wide and extremely thin Wizard to be very nice. Fender necks are nice too, they're much better than Gibson necks

I don't think I've played a neck that I liked that wasn't a Gibson/Epi, PRS or Fender/squier (not including immitations).
I dont like the neck after the 12 fret because it cuts me, i mean i am not so comfortable to play a solo
Fender C and then the best one of all....Fender V-shaped thats on the American '57 reissue Strat
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i enjoy jacksons.... but the necks arnt my fav... Ibanez has never failed me.... by far the most comfortable ive ever played
i like them both, fenders are just really nice to play, but i do prefer my jackson neck because its thinner.
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What did you say? Sorry, I was busy playing my strat.

Seriously though, i like the necks, I actually prefer Jackson necks over Ibanez wizards. I'm not keen on ultra-thin necks. in fact, I'd be happy if my strat had a slightly thicker neck.
I like Fender necks a lot. I prefer them to the ultra-thin necks people prefer on Ibanez guitars and the like. They're relatively thin, but they've still got something to hold on to, and they're nice and round, with rolled edges.

I like that kind of neck: not a baseball bat, but enough to hold on to, while still being comfortable.

I hated the Ibanez Wizard. Too thin and too wide. Feels like a plank. I played a jackson once. That was a tiny neck. I dunno if it actually was narrower, but it felt narrower than the Wizard neck. I didn't like the square edge on it, due to the binding. I like it roll'd.
Fender Soft Vs are my favourite, a factor I thought about when getting my Strat.

Jacksons are alright, so is Gibsons necks, I love the chunkyness. But the only necks I don't really like the feel of are the Wizard necks by Ibanez. They're bloody weird.

Saying that, I wasn't too keen on this classical guitar neck I played in school once, it was too think and too wide. But, I'm not planning on playing classical any time soon, folk and blues are where it's at!
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Ive never seen a jackson and a fender compared before, but i like jackson necks better they are a lot thinner an fender necks are pretty fat and uncomfortable.
I love fender's one piece maple necks, especially on teles. I own a jackson flying v, which I rarely play, but I love the neck on that. Not usually a fan of thin necks but I just love that one.
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I love my fender MIM strat neck.
Probably one of the best feeling I've felt.
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I played a Squire neck, it was decent.
A while ago I played a MIM and MIA strat. They were decent, though I like them a tad bit thinner. Not as much as Ibanez though.
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