So day like any other except i have a show that ive been practicing for for the last month. got on stage, tune me axe up, went into the first song and about 2 bars in the vocals come in early so me and the other guitar player kinda have to mix some riffs around but eventually get back into the song and i played a solo clean. second song we covered ressurection by chimaira with a sweep solo i worked on for 4 hours last night but i got overpowered by the double kick so my solo was unheard. And now the grand finale the new tech deth song we've been working on for the last month and after the middle solo everybody gets lostand we end up having an extended breakdown and 2 bar solo hahaha

Post your Worst gig performances
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i was wondering what is some of the stuff you guys would consider better than WOW

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Getting kicked in the balls repeatedly

Primus Sucks
played shout at the devil, my guitar strap broke within teh first 4 bars and needless to say we kinda had trouble after that
Live fast, die young, and leave a good lookin corpse

Did you not do a soundcheck? Bands always sound terrible when the drums are louder than the guitar
Too many to mention.....

.....played a gig in a hick town, once with my old band.

We played through the boos, cut off songs, trashed shit, played bad, talked to much, played too little...
...and still got paid.

In fact, in hindsight, that wasn't too bad.