what do you guys think are some of the fastest current time metal solos and most intriquite (fast or not). just listening to some COB songs and been thinkin about it.
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a complicated shred song is far beyond the sun. it's not the most technically demanding, not the fasted, but definitely one of the hardest (to pull it all off)
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Do you mean intricate?


Dragonforce are fast, albeit talentless......

dragonforce if fast but not theoretically demanding

...modes and scales are still useless.

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necrophagist- seven
between the buried and me- white walls
wintersun- winter madness
arch enemy- nemesis

all have pretty fast solos. Wouldnt claim that they're the fastest by any means.
Youtube covers

Raining blood isnt technically challenging, but it does require quite a bit of finger speed (Slayer)
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