Yeah, the intro is very cool, maybe it goes on a little too long though. The volume spikes are annoying too, work on your levels and put some compression on the back end. The solo does have cool and interesting parts but its very self indulgent. I could easily skip a minute or so of it and the song wouldn't be hugely affected. You can play for sure, but this song is just not that fun to listen to. Its too long and is pretty wanky. The solo doesn't create any interest, it just goes and goes.

You're a good player, just stop trying to let us know you're a good player. Write something interesting, not a guitar lesson. I like your soloing, I'd just like in in some context - not so much six minute shredfest.

C4C if you like: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=999208
i agree with the stuff that has been said here so far. the intro in the first original recording was cool, i liked the harmonizing effect you had going. the intro in barrys got a gun was also grabbing but probably lasted a little too long. i like your tone despite the sound quality of the recording. both songs are good but it was hard for them to keep my intention for as long as they were the way they were structured. theres not really anything to pull you back in once you start going off on the solo.

i have a few MP3s on my profile if you want to check them out
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