I was thinking of replacing my ibanez rg350dx pickups with emgs-81s but im not sure if they will fit or it it will be difficult to do hoping anyone could give me some advice?
well it should work and if your new to the eletronics of a guitar you should do some studying of your wirings i can help you out there but you will need to supply me with the information or a couple of pic of your guitar wires and of you new about to be installed pickups
and the emg 81s will need a battery so unless it already has a battery pack you gonna need to install one yourself so id advise against that mabey the passive virsion of the 81
the 81s will fit the bridge and neck position, but what about the single coil
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The EMG's will fit fine, As will the battery(ies*). What I'd reccomend is you buy the 81/85 set along with one of their active single coils. From there, you'll need different pots (they come with the Zakk Wylde set, you'll want to use the short-shaft pots for the aesthetic benefit), and batteries. this is where * comes in; I'd HIGHLY reccommend doing the 18V mod to these pickups (adding another battery in series). It opens the tone SO much, there's no real downfall to the mod.


should be plenty of room in the stock cavity for two, and you'd be crazy not to do it
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you'll need 25k pots for actives
and I recommend putting a mini switch in so you can switch between 9V and 18V for the pickups, it will give you even more versatility in tone
I recently installed an EMG 85 and once I had wired the hole thing, when I tried to fit the pickup there wasnt room enough in the puckup cavity. The corners werent sharp enough.
So, totally frightened, I took a chisel and enlarged the cavity just a little. It fitted perfectly then.