I am about to buy my first tube head, I can decide between an Engl Savage 60 and a Marshall DSL50. The Savage is about 25 years old, it doesn't even have light in it like the new engls, but it sounds great! I might need new tubes for it soon, but that's no problem. I don't know how old the Marshall is, but I guess not that old.
I play (Melodic) Death Metal, so I need quite much gain, but also a nice lead sound.
I played the Engl yesterday and I really liked it! The owner said it sounds quite like a tuned Marshall.
I will try the Marshall next weekend, but what would you say I should take, and why?

The Engl costs about 750€, the Marshall 700€.

He also sells a JCM800 and a JCM900, but I didn't really like the JCM900 yesterday for our music.

Yeah, even people who've never seen an Engl will tell you to get the Engl
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Even if you weren't playing metal, the Engl would still sound better.
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awright, get the ENGL
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i'd go with the engl, assuming it's in good nick, and assuming it sounds like the other engls i've tried (i haven't tried the savage 60).
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