Hi Folks

I would appreciate some opinion on practice sessions as I feel I have no direction at all and do not feel I have progressed much in the past year. I tend to pick up the guitar and just do a bit from here, there and everywhere as I am not sure what I should concentrate on. Play parts of songs but never really finish a song properly.

I have had lessons from 3 different teachers in my local area and they are all of the same attitude 'what songs do you want to learn' which has really frustrated me as I use Guitar Pro and can basically look at any song at anytime. I have asked to teach me the guitar rather than learn songs parrot fashion.


I am basically trying to teach myself using books/internet etc but would appreciate your ideas on a practice schedule given my current ability level. I try to devote half hour each day and would like a routine to stick to and modify and develop as I improve.

I can play open Maj, min, M7 chords as well as E and A shaped Barre chords again Maj, min and M7. I am working on the CAGED system for scales and try to read some theory as often as possible and have a basic understanding.

Given that I have half hour to practice how would recommend spending the time? Exercises? How could I evaluate my progress? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
I'd forget about doing 30 mins per day. Instead try thinking about what you want to achieve each time you practice.

Could you learn a new chord/scale? How about improving speed? Could you try cleaning up another area of technique?

Before you start each session ask yourself what am I going to achieve and how will I know when I've done it. When your time is up, look back over the session and see if you did what you set out to do. If you did you'll have a great sense of satisfaction.

Also you might want to think in longer term goals. Where do you want to be in a couple of years with your playing? Then make what you do each day a step towards that.

God luck with it!
Thanks for the responses folks, much appreciated.

I will take your advice onboard.