Gday all,
Alright so i busted my guitars truss rod cover open today so i could tighten it and adjust the action only to find out the truss rod is completely loose. I never noticed it before but when you shake the neck of the guitar you can hear it move around. So how do i fix this or is my guitar completely boned? i really love this guitar and it would suck if i lost it.
Truss rods have about a quarter to half a turn of play. That it's loose just means that it's not supporting the neck currently. It's better to not have it completely loose, have it tightened by a quarter turn at least.
fairly sure it means the rod has come out of its nut, i read how to get it back together ages ago, i think you have to remove the neck or something to do it, ill wait for someone that knows what to do to tell ya before i make an ass of my self.
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Take it to a luthier if you don't know what to do but as Quailman said. About a quarter turn should fix it (Clockwise of course).
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Whoa quick replies im impressed! ive tried turning it by a quarter and a bit of a turn but doesnt do anything to it. anything else i can do? its a less paul styyle guitar btw.
ok turned it a bit more and it tightened it should be right ay. thanks for all the help
lol, why didnt you do that before? turn till you feel resistance... lol
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