This is at the idea stage at the moment... everything was a first take... so it may be a bit dodgy here and there.. Anyway, any advice/comments will be appreciated and I will return the favour.

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I think it sounds pretty good, the vocals could use some work as they seem a little inconsistent in some parts. With some basic polishing/recording this could be a killer track.
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Good melodies. I think the mixing could be improved. Maybe mess around with the volume and pan levels. But, other than that, it's great, I wouldn't change a thing. Good riffs and solos too. I would make the solo guitar louder though.

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Overall the structure and melody's fine. Some more dynamics could really brighten the song up, louder in the chorus, softer when the vocals come in, just something like that to add variation. The solo at the moment isn't really standing out, but if thats what your aiming for that's fine.
Other than that its coming along nicely.