ok im looking into getting an ibanez and lost my catalogues so i need some help.
what ibanez Trem do you not have to cut the ball ends off of your string when fitting them?
If you snap a string with the ZR trem (on the s series) is it right that the strings dont go out of tune like with any other floating trem?

generally just need help on these two points if anyone knows of more pros and cons with the edge and zr trems on ibanez please add.

with the ZR is you snap a string (e,b,g) the strings will go out of tune, but not as drastically as the other bridges.

I prefer the ZR trem. It is a little stiffer which I feel gives better control. Most of all its easier to set up.

The Edge Pro is a damn sweet trem as well.

Overall I prefer to ZR trem to anything really. I have said numerous times on this forum that I think the ZR is the best trem system out there.
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One of my RG's has a floating trem where I'm supposed to cut off the ball ends, but instead I feed the strings through the tuners so the ball ends don't have to be cut off.
^yeah, some players just thread their strings backward and leave the ball ends on.

I like the ZR trem because it is easier to set up and switch tunings than other floating whammies I have tried.
k cheers for the help. think im gonna go for a S series for the ease of set up. although i play a through strung esp as well i wanna floating trem as well and by all accounts the ZR trem is so much easier to drop tune than floyds and edges