the only thing i know about carnuba wax is that they use it on surf boards and moustache wax and its how gary busey and keanu reeves identified the bad guys in point break... any good?
Thank you please.
any ingredient used in swedish fish probably wont combine very well with a guitar

actually, the only time of ever heard of anyone usin carnauba wax on a guitar is when EVH potted the PAF on the frankenstrat.
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I know Dunlop sell some guitar polish thats got the wax in it. Gonna get some and see . . . . .

Awesome Point Break ref. by the way!
I think carnauba wax is supposed to be the best stuff to use for polishing a clear-lacquered guitar, like most Strats and LPs. If an oil finish is what I'm thinking it is (not shiny or lacquered) then it probably wouldnt work, cause the wax would get into some of the grains in the wood and it would be tough to rub off.
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What BD 425 said. Carnauba is AWESOME for lacquered finishes. I use it constantly. I use Mother's brand wax. It has a bit of polish in it.

My story: This guy wanted me to fix up his 7-year-old Squier MIM strat, and it had been in his garage during the whole 7 years he had it, and it was trashed. After restoring the guts, I polished it with the wax and he shat himself when I brought it back the next day. It looked BRAND NEW.

The only drawbacks to it are that it's kinda expensive and it's tough to get out of wood grain. I usually use a plastic-bristle brush, but even then it's a bitch to get out.
Is that the stuff Jeremy Clarkson used on the Rolls before he drove it into a swimming pool?
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The **** is wrong with you?

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Ah, but it is refilled for life at no charge.

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