Hey guys!
Me and my band just played a gig at a birthday party today it went pretty good, well really good coz the manager said he would pay us $150 for each gig for whenever he would need us. And we have decided to use the money that we get to purchase equipment for our band. And now that we are going to be taking our music a little more seriously I was hoping for some advice from any of you guys?
We have been a rock band for about 1year, which means the only amps we use are our small legend amps lol should amps be a priority?
Also get an agreement as to who owns the money and who owns the gear bought with the money. What if the 'band' buys your guitar player an amp, and then that player quits? Does he get to keep the amp, or does he have to give it back because it belongs to the band? If you buy a PA, and the band breaks up, what happens to it?

I suggest this:

Everyone has to be in agreement about what gets purchased. If you buy the guitar player an amp, for instance, you all agree on it, and you all agree that the 'band' is buying an amp for the guitar player, and subsequently, that amp belongs to the guitar player. Make sure each band member is contributed towards equally along the way.

If something is purchased for the whole band - a banner, a PA, merch, etc., then if the band breaks up, that stuff gets liquidated, or otherwise evenly distributed among all members. If someone quits or is kicked out, they forfeit any ownership of that 'band' gear. If that member is replaced, the new person assumes no ownership of that said band gear purchased before his/her joining, but will be part owner of any new gear.

Alternately, if someone quits or is kicked out, the band would be forced to give him a severance representing his portion of whatever band gear. It could mean giving him money and buying his share of band gear outright, or giving him some of the gear upon his departure.

Whatever you decide, if you want to avoid really nasty situations in the future, get an agreement that everyone can live with.

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