Hi all,
I covered Slayer's 'Raining Blood'.


(the song will start to play)

I used an ENGL Fireball, a Gibson SG Standard (with stock p.u.), a Shure SM57, a Randall cab loaded with Celestion SeventyEighties and a line 6 Toneport UX1 as a mic pre-amp.

Comments are always welcome, and I hope you'll enjoy the cover.

(PS: I didn't cover the whole song, but normally I would play 'Black Magic' instead of the solos :p)

This cover is well played but some parts are a bit iffy if i may say. The intro bits sound like they have been palm muted a bit too much they just dont sound smooth enough or something. And the tone sounds a little thin to me. But it was actually played decently and did get better half way through. Not bad mate, mainly the tone i didnt like.

  • ESP LTD SC 207
  • Washburn X200 PRO E
  • Squier Strat (in bits LOL)
  • Line 6 Toneport ux1
Thx for your advice, I will certainly use it for my next recordings! The problem is that I don't have a bassguitar, it would really fatten the tone.
yeah you're palm muting way too many notes, listen to the song again and play it as is.

But I do applaud you for playing that extremely fast bit not too far in.
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