I go along with life pretty well, i have good friends, guys and girls, i play guitar, pretty well too, happy with that

But when i meet some girls with my friends i can never start up a convorsation, i dont say stupid things eaither because with my other friends who are girls we get along well

but with nes girls i always need somebody else to spark some talking, also if i like a girl i can never get the nerve to ask her out, ive had girls ask em out and ive said yes but and i know im average looking and am very nice and i know a few girls like me but i like one of them

But i cannot ask her to a movie ar anything, i dont even know why

All you shy pit-users, help!

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Relationship thread.
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you have a lack of self esteem.

you probably dont realise, but thats it.

you are subconsciously telling yourself that you are not good enough for her etc, so you (subconsciously )instantly sabotage what you (youself) want to do.

look into self sabotaging and self esteem.

Most girls love a good rock now and then, too.
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cocaine = doing things in parking lots for guys to get the money
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man... ****.. you're proud and you're not confident?
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ok all i can say is that if your shy, try being more spontanious, stop thinkign abotu hte consequences all the time. in short you need to be less responsible, obviously dotn go mad but it does help tust me, it helped me a lot.
alcohol = liquid confidence

apply liberally to both parties involved in conversation for best results
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cocaine = doing things in parking lots for guys to get the money

Your thinking of crack. If you have cocaine you already have money
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