Alright, I've just decided to upload all of the ones I feel necessary at once. All of them are either untitled or have a really basic working title.

1. Happy: Not really a whole lot of detail to go into with this one. It's kind of a break in style from what I usually write so it is somewhat of a new experience for me. Also, it has one of the few times I wrote the solo and stuck to it. Usually I just improvise in scales that work for the song but this is not the case now.

2. Load Era-Metallica Inspired: Hate on Load and Reload all you want but I like that era. The only things I'm not particularly pleased with are the bridge and some of the solo.

3. Untitled 2: Easily one of my favorite songs to play that I actually wrote. I really like the way this turned out although the outro could be just a bit better. It sounds too upbeat for it the rest of the song.

4. Pearl Jam Inspired: Just a bit too PJ inspired if you ask me, ha. I really like this one. One of the first songs I wrote and was very pleased with the results.
New Stuff.zip
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