I am about to go to lifegaurd training, and I was wondering if anyone here has ever taken it, because i was wondering what to expect. Especially what the final test is.(If it helps i do believe im taking the spock lifeguard training) and also how long did u have to go for??????
Spock as in Nationals? are you taking the course where you can lifeguard at beaches and indoor swimming pools?
Well then, you will most likely have to do CPR, different strokes, tread for like 20 mins with a 20-30 pound brick, do carries, then your time swim 24 laps in 18 minutes. I went for 2 weekends it totaled to like 30 hours, it also cost me 220 dollars.
I worked as a lifeguard for a few years, the final test usually involves the fitness elements (Pia carry for 5meters, spinal tow for 15m, submerged victim recovery and 15m tow, 20lb brick surface and carry for 5 meters, all with a 20 meter head up approach) and then a simulated situation, where you'll get 2-3 PR's, 1-2 minor first aids, 1-2 DNS (Drowning non-swimmers) and one major first aid. Usually its a 30-45min sim. I'm canadian, so it might not be quite the same, depending on where you are, but that should be close.

If im not mistaken, Dynomite is talking about bronze cross, where as I am talking about NLS, your final lifeguarding step.