There was a pool in Jeruslam in the time of Jesus which had five porticoes. It must have been a bit like modern day Lourdes because rumour had it that every now and then an angel came down from heaven, stirred up the water and the first in the pool thereafter got healed from whatever disease they suffered from. Naturally there was always a large crowd people waiting for the moment and it must have been chaos once there was the slightest ripple on the surface of the water. Tough however if you were a paralytic and crippled in both legs, you're never going to get a look in!

So it was with a man who been paralysed for 38 years. Yet Jesus came into the pool
singled him out and healed him. The man went home that day jubliant and a changed man. Later on Jesus came across him in the temple, no doubt giving thanks to God and learning how to pray. Jesus had a word of caution for him, 'See that you don't sin again lest something worse befall you". He got his second chance down by the entrance to Five Porticoes


I've lost track of the years I've been trapped in this state
A life thats been lost In infirmity's wake
All hope is blown away
Disappointment is here to stay
I'm paying for my crimes
Just an inmate doing time

From time to time When the season is right
The waters are troubled there's healing in sight
You need to be quick off the ground
To stand a chance in the press of the crowd
Can you help me if you please?
For I'm the man whom angels tease

The years roll by with me locked in this snare
When along comes a man to relieve my despair
He doesn't raise his voice or shout
When he enters and singles me out
Take up your bed and leave
For it's the hour of your reprieve

He finds me again somewhat later that day
Down in the temple learning to pray
He said "Son you ve been made whole
Sin no more less a worse fate befall"
I got my second chance
Down by Five Porticoe's entrance

Yes I got my second chance
Down by Five Porticoe's entrance